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Yao Zhao, PhD

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Supply Chain Management

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Talk at MIT SDM on 787 Dreamliner:



Research Projects (Key Words):

       Project Driven Supply Chains: Integrating Project and Supply Chain Management (Aerospace and Defense, Construction; Partnerships and Gaming in Projects)

       Clinical Trial Supply Management (Pharmaceutical and Bio-tech; Optimization)

       Stroke Prediction and Prevention (Medical Decision Making, Differential Dynamical Systems, Columbia Medical Center)

       Inventory Management for Agricultural Products (The Coffee Crisis, Risk Hedging for Commodities)

       Coal-Based Energy Supply Chains (Pakistan Energy Crisis, Energy and Economic Growth) 

       Branded Drugs Distribution Contracts and Pricing

       Assemble-to-Order Systems, Allocation Rules and Component Commonality

       Risk Averse Inventory Management

       Inventory Positioning in Multi-Stage and Multi-Product Supply Chains

       IPA Gradient Estimators for Production-Inventory Systems

       Stochastic Inventory Systems with Minimum Order Quantity

       The Impact of Information Sharing on Supply Chain Performance


Selected Refereed Journal Publications:

In the Media:

      Zhao, Y., A. Shenhar. 2011. Why 787 slips were inevitable. Aviation Week & Space Technology, ViewPoint article, February 28, pg. 58.

      Zhao, Y. 2013. Model management: project-driven supply chains integrating supply chain planning with project management. International Innovation, May 2013, pg. 56-58.

      Iacocca K., Y. Zhao. 2015. Resell vs. Direct Models: US Branded Drug Distribution in the Future. Pharmaceutical Executive, July 12, 2015.


      Simchi-Levi, D., Y. Zhao. 2011. Performance Evaluation of Multi-Echelon Stochastic Inventory Systems: A Survey.

      Zhao, Y. 2005. Coordination of Installation Base-Stock Policies in Supply Chains with Compound Poisson Demand. The version with periodic-review polices.

      Zhao, Y. 2006. Performance Analysis of Assemble-to-Order Systems with Compound Poisson Demand and Batch Ordering Policies. (The example of Dell Dimension 3000 computer model).