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Yao Zhao, PhD

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Supply Chain Management

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Research Projects (Key Words):

       Socially Responsible Operations: Designing Energy Supply Chains for Sustainable Economic Growth (Developing Economies, Energy Security, Sustainability, Hydro, Coal)

       Project Driven Supply Chains: Integrating Project and Supply Chain Management (Aerospace and Defense, Construction; Partnerships and Gaming in Projects)

       Clinical Trial Supply Management (Pharmaceutical and Bio-tech; Optimization)

       Stroke Prediction and Prevention (Medical Decision Making, Differential Dynamical Systems, Columbia Medical Center)

       Inventory Management for Agricultural Products (The Coffee Crisis, Risk Hedging for Commodities)

       Branded Drugs Distribution Contracts and Pricing

       Assemble-to-Order Systems, Allocation Rules and Component Commonality

       Risk Averse Inventory Management

       Inventory Positioning in Multi-Stage and Multi-Product Supply Chains

       IPA Gradient Estimators for Production-Inventory Systems

       Stochastic Inventory Systems with Minimum Order Quantity

       The Impact of Information Sharing on Supply Chain Performance


Selected Refereed Journal Publications:

In the Media:

      Zhao, Y., A. Shenhar. 2011. Why 787 slips were inevitable. Aviation Week & Space Technology, ViewPoint article, February 28, pg. 58.

      Zhao, Y. 2013. Model management: project-driven supply chains integrating supply chain planning with project management. International Innovation, May 2013, pg. 56-58.

      Iacocca K., Y. Zhao. 2015. Resell vs. Direct Models: US Branded Drug Distribution in the Future. Pharmaceutical Executive, July 12, 2015.


      Simchi-Levi, D., Y. Zhao. 2011. Performance Evaluation of Multi-Echelon Stochastic Inventory Systems: A Survey.

      Zhao, Y. 2005. Coordination of Installation Base-Stock Policies in Supply Chains with Compound Poisson Demand. The version with periodic-review polices.

      Zhao, Y. 2006. Performance Analysis of Assemble-to-Order Systems with Compound Poisson Demand and Batch Ordering Policies. (The example of Dell Dimension 3000 computer model).