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Yao Zhao, PhD

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Supply Chain Management

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Talk at MIT – SDM on 787 Dreamliner:

Courses Taught at Rutgers University:

·      CBEAD, “Innovation and Supply Chain Project Management.” Summer 2014, Dalian, China

·      IEMBA 22:960:523, “Business Statistics.” Fall 2011, Beijing, China

·      PhD 26:799:685, “Inventory Models.” Fall 2008, 2010, 2012

·      MBA SCM core 22:799:607, “Supply Chain Management Strategies.” 2002 – present.

·      MBA general core 22:799:580, “Operations Analysis.” 2004 – present.

·      Undergraduate 22:623:340, “Business Research Method.” Fall 2006, Spring 2008.

·      Executive Certificate program, “Supply Chain Case Studies.” (Offered by Rutgers Center for Supply Chain Management) 2004 – present.


Experiential Learning and Games

To engage and empower students with real life experiences, and to make the class fun and students  learn a lot, we created several simulation exercises so instructors can teach effectively and effortlessly. Contact yaozhao@business.rutgers.edu if you want to have an instructor access.

·      Hunger Chain Simulation.”



     Teaching objectives:

  • The Newsvendor model and the impact of demand uncertainty

  • Shortage gaming (panic orders, hoarding)

  • Competition and the Prisoners' Dilemma

  • Inventory rationing for supply chain efficiency and fairness


·      FloraPark Simulation.”



     Teaching objectives:

  • Supply chain competition and collaboration strategies

  • Supply chain collaboration via contracts: push, pull & advanced purchase discount contracts

  • Supply chain, marketing, and product strategy interfaces.

  • Competitive strategy, negotiation, and teamwork




Case Studies:

I am an experienced case writer. Since 2007, I wrote more than 20 real practice based case studies. They have been used in many universities, such as MIT Sloan, Maryland Smith, SUNY Buffalo, Chinese University of Hong Kong, as well as MBA and executive programs at Rutgers to teach supply chain and operations management topics. My cases were also used for Supply Chain Case Competitions at Rutgers at all levels.

Below is a partial list. If interested, please contact me for further information.

·      “Supply Chain Management Strategies – CRS Inc.” with Oduntan G. Bode. Summer 2007.

·      ImportHome LLC – A B2C Small Business Model” with Lei Wang. Spring 2009.

·      Yaka Pharmaceuticals: Drug Distribution Contracts” with Kathleen Martino. Spring 2009.

·      “Panda Express: Material Management” with Lily Yin and Suparna Bhaumik. Spring 2009.

·      “C&H Logistics.” Spring 2009.

·      “ICM Inc. – Construction Resource Management” with Mihirkumar Shah. Spring 2009.

·      “From Farm to Cup: The Coffee Supply Chain in Kenya” with Rose Karimi Kiwanuka. Sping 2010.

·      “CTR Clinical Research: Clinical Trial Supply Management” with Michael Guh, Yevgeniy Krol, Shivang Patel. Spring 2010.

·      “Build-to-Performance – Boeing 787 Dreamliner” with Xin Xu. Summer 2010.

·      “Influenza Pandemic – Just-In-Time vs. Just-In-Case Strategies.” Summer 2010.

·      “American Royal Financial – The Launch of Amrolife Return Of Premium Term.” Fall 2010.

·      “Supply Chain Efficiency vs. Sustainability – Army Ammunition Industry Base.” Fall 2010.

·      “The Chocolate Factory – EOQ vs. EPC Models” with Vijay Hanagandi and Stephen Johanson. Spring 2011.

·      “VASTA Wireless – Push vs. Pull Inventory Strategies.” Spring 2011.

·      “TLJ Pharmacy – Sourcing Strategies.” Fall 2011.

·      Pakistan Energy Crisis – Breaking the Vicious Cycle” with Raza Rafique. Fall 2011.

·      “Valentine’s Roses – Supply Chain Strategies.” Fall 2011.

·      “OXO International – Forecasting & Inventory Management” with Sandeep Bal, Sudhir Bedi, Sonia Singh. Winter 2012.

·      “New Jersey Provision – A Small Food Distributor” with Yingnan Li. Summer 2012.

·      “Special Olympics – Transportation Planning and Scheduling” with Andrew Johnson. Summer 2013.

·      “Apple vs. Samsung: Friend or Foe?” with Kwon Gi Mun and Raza Rafique. Winter 2014.

·      “Sony vs. Samsung: Downfall of Japanese Electronics Firms” with Kwon Gi Mun and Raza Rafique. Summer 2014.